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We help families in Alameda County California with Head Start and Early Head Start programs (including Transitional Kindergarten). All of our programs and services comply with guidelines from the Early Education Division of the California Department of Education  Below are some of the areas we serve.

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Low Income<br />

Children 0-5 Years of Age

Low Income<br />

Pregnant Women

Low Income<br />

Children with Exceptional Needs

Low Income<br />

Health Services

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Nutrition Services

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Parent Involvement

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Male Involvement

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Family Literacy

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Mental Health Services

 How CAPE Inc. Helps Alameda Families


Head Start

Our Head Start program helps qualifying children between 3 and 5 years old until they are ready for kindergarten.  We offer childcare and preschool programs that teach language and literacy skills, promote early math and science concepts, and encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Early Head Start

CAPE’s Early Head Start program helps infants and toddlers under the age of three as well as pregnant women with the care they need. We focus on developing physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills to set your child up for future success.  In addition to providing child care, our early head start services help parents and caregivers to ensure that the entire family is set up for success.

Transitional Kindergarten

Children that attend transitional kindergarten programs are better prepared when they enter elementary school. That’s why our programs focus on school readiness by easing the transition from a play-based preschool environment to a more structured elementary school setting.

Assistance for Low-Income Families

Children from low income families are at the highest risk. Head Start and Early Head Start programs were created with this in mind. At CAPE, we ensure that all families have access to the services they need to help ensure their children are safe, healthy, and thrive.

Exceptional Needs

At CAPE, our child care programs offer everything young children need to get their academic careers off to a successful start. Each preschool program can provide an individualized education plan for any eligible child. Studies have shown that low income children especially benefit from these special education programs. 

Parent & Family Involvement

Alameda County is an incredible community. As an integral part of that community, we provide services beyond the preschool classroom. From parent education to health services, we ensure our families have the right resources to raise healthy children. We work closely with local organizations and the California Department of Education to help our preschoolers get the assistance now that will help them all the way through their higher education careers.

Let’s Start This Journey Together

CAPE’s Head Start and Early Head Start early childhood education programs are available to eligible families in Alameda County, California. We encourage families and pregnant women to enroll or reach out to us right away. We’ll make sure that your family is on the path to success.

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