Enrollment Process

Thank you for your interest in the Community Association for Preschool Education, Inc. (CAPE, Inc.) Program! Our enrollment is based on meeting eligibility criteria.

The following information is needed to complete an application. When you come in for your appointment, please make sure you have all documents listed below:


  1. Proof of birth records or birth certificates for all children (applying child and siblings of applying child).
  2. Verification of all income for each adult in the household for the past 12 months: Income Tax 1040, W-2’s, TANF/ CalWorks Issuance Summary Detail, SSI income award letter or check stubs. If you are in school, you will be required to bring verification of your class schedule.
  3. Proof of Address (PG&E, water bill, home telephone bill, or rental/lease agreement). We do not accept cellular phone bills. If you do not have proof of address, you will be asked to complete an affidavit of residence.
  4. Immunization records (including a Varicella vaccination) in accordance with California Child Care Licensing regulations.

Enrollment Application

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